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Choosing the right plastic bag can be difficult given the number of choices, With some basic information, you'll be able to choose the right bag for your needs!
Plastic bags that we are willing to produce are the not printed and printed bags using up to 8 colors also we are willing to produce custom bags in different sizes ,wight and thikness according to your need.


We offer plastic bags in different materials, we mainly focus on HDPE, for and LDPE. Because each type of plastic has specific characteristics, understanding the differences can help you narrow your choices.

Our HDPE plastic bags feature a variety of qualities, which combine to make versatile bags that are excellent for both serving and storing food in retail and take out situations, qualities such as: being light-weight, resistant to temperature, water, and vapor, has high tensile strength, and is relatively transparent that makes them excellent plastic bags. Hence, Subhi Abu Khalifa and Sons Company HDPE Plastic Bags will allow your grocery store, convenience store, deli, or restaurant to work with greater efficiency, no matter how you choose to utilize them.

Our LDPE plastic bags are softer and more flexible, which makes them efficient as garbage bags, utility bags, food bags, bread bags, printed and non-printed rolls, and table covers. In short, our LDPE bags are highly versatile, thus, are the proper choice to be used with heat-sealing machines due to their low melting point, as well as addressing the needs that require bags with moderate strength and stretch properties.

With our Customized plastic bags you can carry your branded message wherever your customers go! Our Logo-branded plastic bags are ideal for any business that wants to send their customer purchases off in style!

Your customer’s clients can package up their purchases in promotional grocery bags they can use again and again! The repeat exposure will do wonders for your brand!


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