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Why Us?

Ever since its inception in 1991, Subhi Abu Khalifa and Sons Company came a long way in addressing people needs, gaining market share by customizing manufactured solutions into products that not only meet but exceed expectations. As a result, their loyal customer base and client network has boomed inside and outside Jordan.

“We serve our customers by offering them satisfaction on a plate, as an end, in-itself. Satisfaction with our products and services is only a step towards their transformation into loyalty. Loyalty, is where they will stay and how they will remain.” Subhi Abu Khalifa and Sons Company Top Management’s Commitment to all of you.

Who Are We?

New and environmentally-friendly plastic, and completely disposable Styrofoam are our edge. We are masters at turning and transforming them into bags, cups and packaging materials. We are guided by customer needs and empowered by their acceptance. “Environmentally friendly” is a term that is used by many companies worldwide as an enticement to increase sales, it is no more than a tool to a lucrative end. We see it differently, with our pioneering concept of biodegradable plastics, made up of petrochemicals, engineered to break up more quickly and efficiently, hence ensuring that our plastic is not a pollutant to the environment when it finally reaches the stage of being eradicated or done with. As, a result, eliminating or recycling both become viable options.   

Mission Statement

Our mission is to exceed the expectations of our customers where ever they might be, by designing, developing and delivering fast, reliable, pioneering, superior and sustainable environmentally-friendly, and bio-degradable plastic solutions as a remedial commercial solution to a recurring social and environmental problem, as well as raw materials that are unsurpassed by our competition.

Vision Statement

Through the extensive achievements of our highly-committed team, we strive to remain the premier choice for Bio-Degradable plastics solutions. We will continue to work towards making a difference in the lives and future of our employees and give back to our community while advancing the success of our customers.

Our Values

Subhi Abu Khalifa and Sons Company recognizes the importance of the putting the following values into practice. These principles guide our decisions, our actions and ultimately lead to our success. We:

  • Ensure a safe environment. SAFETY FIRST
  • Have Great People who are valued and contribute to our success.
  • Act with honesty and integrity
  • Treat people with respect, dignity and inspire empowerment
  • Conduct all business lawfully
  • Accept individual and corporate responsibility
  • Strive for customer satisfaction
  • Operate with integrity.
  • Improve and innovate continuously
  • Are Results-Oriented: We aim for excellence and act with pride
  • Always work effectively and efficiently
  • Perform our roles with tenacity and an unquenched thirst for achieving excellence.


Our Edge (Actioning our Values)

Subhi Abu Khalifa and Sons Company’s methodology of excellence stems from the fact of fully adhering to the below-mentioned pulse-points for success:

  • Safety – Employees/Suppliers/Customers and End-Users
  • Total Quality Processes – From inception to final products on your table
  • Leveraging our vertically integrated and diversified capabilities.
  • Continuously striving for operational excellence.
  • Partnering with great customers.
  • Customer Satisfaction and Exceptional Customer Service is our motto
  • Truly understanding our end customers.
  • New Product Introductions - based on customer needs
  • Value Improvements – Products and Services offered are customized
  • Timely Deliveries – To Our Customers
  • Planned Inventories – we manufacture both Middle and Final products
  • Accuracy and Timeliness of Production – we hardly have waste
  • Flexibility in Production – Shown by our ability to innovate and change
  • Responsive, agile, and passionate in all that we do.
  • Meeting Company Goals and Objectives
Past, Present and Future

Whether you have a deli, supermarket, catering business or restaurant we have the right  packaging for you. Since our inception in 1992, we have learned how to become flexible and to meet our food industry customers’ requirements with ideal and desired state-of-the-art, environmentally-friendly, completely disposable food packaging solutions to address their needs and exceed their expectations and demand regardless, if they are in Jordan, the region, or in Western Europe and the USA. Our food packaging comes in many forms from party trays, different sized meat trays, 6 and 12 eggs containers, medium, large and super jumbo trays, hamburger boxes, lunch boxes, seasonal packaging, hinged packaging, compartment plates and boxes, microwavable and more.  Sign-up on our homepage for deals, new promotions and to see the product scope items, as well as get first introduced to our new items and products.


Subhi Abu Khalifa and Sons Company has been distributing products for food retailers and processors since 1992. We pride ourselves of being the company that cares. Our products offering includes carryout bags, shopping bags, garbage bags, printed and non- printed rolls of bags, table covers, and plastic cups, with dome and flat lids in different sizes.  As well as, a broad range of sustainable, restaurant, bakery, deli, meat and produce food packaging containers.


Today, our diverse and flexible approach gives our customers a wide range of high quality products. Coupled with the fact that Subhi Abu Khalifa and Sons Company is managed by a team of dedicated, highly qualified and experienced professionals, and empowered by a team of hard-working professionals, at all levels, ensures and guarantees that our storage and delivery services are round-the-clock ready to deal with any urgent requirements. In addition, to our consistent ability to rise to the challenge and introduce new products and services that meet the ongoing needs of our customers at an affordable price.



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